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April 21, 2017


You’re never really told much about University at High School. You know where you’re going and what subjects you’re going to study but you have absolutely no idea what to expect. I definitely did not. My first week was spent trying to 1) make my new friends-for-life, 2) make my new dorm ‘homely’, 3)locate all the textbooks that were essential 4)have a wild freshers week but not too wild because I had to 5) navigate myself through all the university buildings to 6) attend all the induction days. Yea, the first week will be pretty full on but honestly I wish I didn’t get myself so worked up about it. I wish someone sat me down and told me how to manage my time a bit better, told me what’s important and what is not. Hopefully this will be of use to you.


Tip One:- During summer, most university’s will be emailing you. Do not ignore these emails. My university had sent me information on setting up your timetable for the semester and so I highly recommend you deal with your timetable BEFORE you start dealing with the stress of moving out.


Tip Two:- Regarding timetables, some classes won’t open for sign up until freshers week so just make sure you keep checking when they are available and then build them into what ever slots suit you. The best way to work out your timetable is to draw out one of the old timetables you got in high school, use pencil and mess about until you manage to find a perfect fit. P.s, in your first semester you want to try and socialize as much as possible so try not to make your classes TOO early in the morning or else you may feel you have to either 1)miss out or 2)miss your classes. Neither are good.


Tip Three:- Do your homework. But don’t stress out over it too much, I made this mistake and cooped myself up instead of going to those pub quizzes I wish I went too… First semester is very chilled out compared to the second so make sure you use the first one to party and the second to get your head down.


Tip Four:- If you want to attend a paint/foam party, make sure you are VERY drunk before you do so or else you will end up sober, soaked cold and leaving early trying to flag down a taxi that won’t take you because you are covered in paint/soaking. Make sure you’re drunk enough for the long walk home xox


Tip Five:- Don’t panic when the first people you have lunch with are so very unlike you and you start to wonder if they will be your friends-for-life. University isn’t about settling with people, it’s about finding the people you couldn’t find at high school. I was lucky to have some incredible friends at school, but for those who didn’t this is your time to find them.


Tip Six:- Don’t wear brightly coloured clothes to lectures. Don’t do it.


Tip Seven:- If, like me, you are beginning University in a relationship, try not to panic as much as I did. Yes both of you will be meeting lots of new people (and yes, some of them will be pretty haha) but in the end IF IT’S MEANT TO BE IT’S MEANT TO BE. Give each other space to make new friends but make sure you share all your new experiences and stories with each other so that you still feel as close. Don’t be attached at the hip and have trust in each other.


Tip Eight:- Make sure you give your Mum a wee text every day, especially at the beginning. They’ll be thinking about you 24/7 so they’ll be happy to hear you’re updates of all the exciting things you’ve been up to (but maybe don’t mention the time you had to stick your fingers down your best mates throat because she’s paralytic and can’t handle her shots, god bless.)


Tip Nine:- NEVER underestimate the power of face time. You’ll have nights where all you want to is cry because you miss home so much, it’ll happen at one point believe me, and when this happens, whip out your phone and CONTACT THEM. Whether this is a phone call or facetime, you will feel so much better afterwards.


Tip Ten:- Make your new space as homely as possible. Tapestry’s, fairy lights, candles, photographs, books, trinkets… all of these will help create your first private space. It will be small, but it will be yours.


Enjoy yourself.


Adele x



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