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April 26, 2017


My younger teenage/ high school years were filled with a lot of jealousy and I never really noticed it properly until a year ago. Myself and other girls would spend time talking about these pretty/skinny/rich girls that the boys liked or that had the nicest pictures on Facebook/Instagram. 

I could spend hours going through some girls social medias, getting all the way back to 2012 haha. I'd want their clothes, their hair, bodies, holidays, faces, teeth. It'd drive me into this world were I was ashamed to be myself. Social media made doing this easy as hell and comparing yourself can really mess you up.


Filling yourself with so much hate is pointless. Agreeing with others that that girls photos are definitely photo-shopped is pointless. Listening to all the made up/ jealousy fueled rumours about girls and agreeing with them is POINTLESS. Yea, some of these girls life's seem 'perfect' and at fifteen isn't perfect all we're striving for? But the thing is, you have no idea what is going on in these girls life's and reality is these girls are probably comparing themselves too. We are all insecure. And it's going to stay that way until we start helping each other. 


She doesn't even know this but back in the day when my friend Julia first joined my drama group, I didn't really like her. She was really pretty, rocking that hipster style, super talented and really confident. And to make it all worse, everyone loved her. (She could play piano too which just added to her greatness). I held a private grudge against her for a while even though she was nothing but nice to me.

Then I finally realised, hey, this girl is really cool... why would I not want to be friends with her?


We see all these positive, amazing qualities in these girls and instead of wanting to be their friend like we naturally should, we envy them. How weird is that? We don't want people to do better than us so we drag them down resulting in everyone just DRAGGING EACH OTHER DOWN. Why can't we all be at the top?


Julia is now one of my best friends, she's really cool, fun and one of the most supportive and generous people I know. IMAGINE I held that stupid grudge. I would have our amazing friendship to this day 

All of friends are so beautiful, smart and damn fashionable as hell, and yea I could be jealous of them, I could try and break their confidence but you know what, I'd rather choose friendship. I think we all should.


Letting go of all this hate and envy helps you become kinder and happier. If I see a girl out in town and she's wearing a nice jacket then I'll tell her! (and potentially find out where it's from ;)). Make people feel good because if you project positivity you're gonna get it right back at you.


Make it your mission to not see girls as your competition anymore. Don't see them as your enemies. Yea, she IS great, and so are you. Turn that hateful energy into positive energy to work on yourself. 


Make friends with everyone and get to know people before you judge them. 

And if it turns out they really ain't nice people, then they can bugger off <3


Thanks for reading!

Adele xox



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