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Exciting times.

July 25, 2017


In exactly eleven days I am setting off to do something I have wanted to do for years. Au-pairing. In Spain.

This was only actually decided a couple of weeks ago when I decided I need to start living a little more. After my friend set off to do the same thing, I admired how brave she was for this and I wished I could do it too. However money was an issue, I needed to find a flat for University, I had a holiday in the middle of July and so a lot of families wouldn't want me, I would miss my family and my boyfriend, I wouldn't be able to speak the language well enough, what if I didn't like it, I would have to quit my retail job. All these reasons floated around my mind for weeks making it seem like it was impossible for me to leave until one night I sat down and wrote about all reasons I SHOULD do it:

You have worked your butt off and have saved a lot and life is not just about saving. Money might make me financially secure and richer but experiences do a hell of a lot more. 

You would have to quit your retail job, this I was a bit worried about because my Mum kept telling me : 'It's such a well paid job Adele and you love everyone you work with'. This was all true BUT I am not going to be able to do things like this for my whole life. Once I get older and I get a proper job I won't have an option to do stuff like this. Yes I might like my job, but there are so many retail jobs out there for young people. You need to focus on your dreams and not just money.

It will help your Spanish a ridiculous amount and so when you go back to University it will make you feel a lot more confident. Therefore you are focusing on what you love, again, instead of money. No more playing it safe.


Once I decided this I wasn't going back. I told my family and close friends and there were mixed opinions, my family weren't too happy about it, they wanted me to save and they didn't think it was safe. My friends thought it was a brilliant idea and that is was the best way to improve my Spanish. However after I explained to my family where I was coming from and they realised how important this was to me, they decided they should support me (and try and make it as safe and as organised as possible).


I contacted a family with a three year-old little girl and we started talking a lot. They were looking for someone to start August and so it all worked out perfectly. I face-timed the mother of the family who was just as lovely as she had been over email and so this made me feel a lot more comfortable.


Sometimes we need to let go of old parts of our life to enable the new adventures we were meant to experience. I want to experience all I can and not waste being young anymore. 


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