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Autumn Aims...

September 19, 2017

 So I have a serious de-motivation problem. I go through these immense stages where I cannot produce anything. Or do anything. Especially during Summer when I have no real structure to my life. As soon as my life starts to slow down, my bed becomes more appealing, social media becomes my life line, exercising is too much effort and making big healthy meals is draining and not appealing. I get really really tired and I could fall asleep anywhere at any time. Which is not healthy...

Therefore, I am going to try and avoid this as much as possible. It's time for a new schedule and new structure to my life. I moved into my new flat a couple of days ago and (even though it's reaaally hard not having wifi at the moment) I love it. It's pretty small but its a lot cosier than most student flats I've seen. Also I'm pretty small so I guess it suits. It's also nice to be away from University Halls, live with someone I really get on with and already feel that this could actually be a potential home. I never felt at home in halls, it was also a cold, (not literally, we didn't have to pay bills so that heating was on 24/7 yahooo) almost uncomfortable sort of living arrangement. As lucky as I was to have Charlotte (a best friend from school) living with me, we were still with complete strangers who by the way weren't even interested in socialising with you. Some people get lucky with Halls so I still recommend it for people new to Uni because I think if you don't experience it, you'll always wish you did. So yea, new flat in my favourite place in Glasgow - Merchant city, new year of University studying subjects that I absolutely adore and loads of spare time due to my timetable being pretty bare this year. Therefore I have a lot of time for some new aims.


One - WRITE MORE BLOG POSTS. I seem to write quite a lot in my notebooks but I never publish it. I guess because I don't think they are blog worthy enough which is STUPID because then I realised there are absolutely no standards to this blog because it is MY blog. I know that it is better to write a load of shit rather than to write nothing at all. Therefore I will try to be as productive as possible with this (possibly starting next Tuesday as that's when we get the wifi set up) and if you don't like then GIVE ME SOME CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM OR BUGGER OFF.


Two - Get back to working out. This is the most basic goal that basically everyone has but hey ho, once I get in the swing I'm actually pretty good at sticking to it.


Three - Cook more. I made some really amazing stuffed sweet potatoes yesterday (stuffed with kidney beans, chilli beans, salsa and sour cream) and I forgot how rewarding it is to produce something that actually tastes really good (not including pot noodles btw).  I'm lucky because I actually love healthy food, I BLOODY LOVE MUSHROOMS AND AVOCADOS AND EVERYTHING ELSE FROM THIS BEAUTIFUL EARTH. However, sometimes I'm just a little bit lazy when actually producing a nice big veggie dish. So I'm going to try and set aside a bit more time in the kitchen because feeding our bodies with good food is so so important. 


Four - Be the best you can be when it comes to University. Don't settle for just passing. Be the best. 


Five - Try not to slowly slope back to rolling up to Uni every day in your leggings, t-shirts and trainers again. My wardrobe is full of so many clothes I love and so it's only fair that I actually wear them and try to prove to people I'm not actually a mess. (However if a legging, t-shirt and trainers day is desperately needed in your ill/hungover state then you may allow it).


Six - Try and float a bit further away from social media. Over summer I've probably been the most obsessed with Instagram than I ever have been. I don't usually get too sucked in and a couple of years ago when I did, I deleted everything because I didn't want it to endorse my life. Therefore I will try and replace the long night time social media sesh's with


Seven - READING. Not only because I really need to improve my vocabulary (considering I just used the word 'sesh's' ???) but also because I sleep a lot better at night when I read before sleeping. Everyone knows is aware of the benefits, it's just trying to put it in place.


Eight - Be the kindest, friendliest person I can be.


Nine - Keep to your budget. Maybe try not to buy any clothes until Christmas? (could be borderline impossible for me but I've got to try fight this addiction).


I think that's it. Maybe. I'll probably think of more later but seeing as I have to start publishing and stop caring about what I put out there then HERE WE GO.



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