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Packing for a 19 hour trip abroad.

November 17, 2017

Just over a month ago, some of my friends found a twenty quid return flight to Frankfurt Germany (whilst pre-drinking for a night out I might add) and by the end of that night out, around fifteen of us had booked our flights. Not my brightest decision seeing as my first exam is in nine days but we'll forgive me because I'M GOING TO GERMANY TOMORROW WAHOO. Over the month, more and more people decided to join this trip and there are now officially twenty-nine of us going. Our flight is 8am on saturday and our flight back is 6am on the Sunday so we're all doing an all-nighter. I can assure you, there is no chance we are all making it back to Glasgow.


SO ANYWAY, I thought I'd do a little 'what-to-pack' for one day trips in case any of you decide to take a random day trip somewhere and want to remember the essentials:



Here is a picture of everything I am bringing. Obviously I don't want to pack too much random unnecessary stuff as I am going to be carrying it on my back the whole time so this is me trying to pack SMARTLY.


1) Passport, Boarding Passes,EHIC card & purse (preferably holding money).

Obviously these are pretty essential. Don't be that person that forgets them. Get yourself a little important documents holder, it's really useful for keeping everything together. This one is from 'Cath Kidston'.


2) Phone and charger.

Got to take those pics (and contact mum so she knows you're still alive)


3) A change of clothes.

I have comfy clothes for the plane so that I can at least attempt to sleep during the two hour flight and I also have cooler clothes (in my opinion) for off the plane. I like to change after I get off the plane anyway because I always feel all gross and sweaty. However this is optional obviously ( but if you don't do it you're gross and sweaty)


4) A bit of makeup, deodorant and perfume.

Again just so that I have the option to freshen up and actually feel nice.


5) Earphones, book, notebook and pen.

For flight entertainment of course.


6)Period stuff & painkillers.

It's not due till a week but hey, you never know.


8) A backpack

To include all these wonderful things.


So that's it! There's definitely a chance I've forgotten someone but if that's the case I will note it in my 'after frankfurt' post. Wish me luck on being one of the ones that will actually make it back.


- Viele Liebe (google translate tells me this is German for lots of love)


  Adele x




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