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January 10, 2018



2017 is probably my first good year in a while. The first year my panic attacks and anxiety didn’t CONPLETELY feel like it was ruling my life. The first year in a very very long time that I felt some control in my life. I did a lot of things that I didn’t know I was capable of and I think this is the year I finally realised one of the most important lessons you can learn : if you are not happy with something, you CAN change it. So even though my mindset has noticeably changed there are obviously still alot of things I want to work on (isn't our purpose in life to grow as a person?)


one = I want to at LEAST try veganuary. And if I enjoy it then move to a permanent vegan diet. Or ,maybe Sunday veg? 


two = wear minimal makeup however make more of an effort with hair, fashion and jewellery.


three = BLOG MORE. I hate how inconsistent I am.


four = money is for experiences. clothes should only be bought if I have been wanting them for ages and will go with most things in my wardrobe.


five = more minimalist, less HOARDER


six = make more of an effort with the good souls.


seven = read read read.


eight = go to library and STUDY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Think about when you go and aupair again and how much better you will be able to communicate with the family!


nine = STOP spending so much money on coffee! One a week


ten = help your family as much as possible, reflect how grateful you are for this awesome life they have given you. 


eleven = get into yoga, start running again.


twelve = less hate, more love. Try have the attitude : 'if there's no point in getting pissy about it, don't get pissy about it.'



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