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March 1, 2018

Prague was never somewhere that was at the top of my travel list but CAN I JUST SAY it should definitely be at the top of yours. Especially if you are a student. A poor student. Who likes food. 


I went with my boyfriend Andrew from the 3rd to the 9th of January and it was so nice to go during the whole 'Christmas is over' depression. 



We randomly booked this trip after I got an email from easyjet saying there was a sale on their holiday packages, definitely worth the look by the way. We got our flights and accommodation for £150 which is pretty insane because once you get to Prague, everything is dirt cheap too. We did stay at a hostel (Plus Hostel), however we had our own private room in the hostel, our own toilet and shower, our towels were changed, and there was a sauna and pool. Therefore, it was really no different from a hotel, it was super clean, really nice looking, comfortable and the staff were really helpful. 



We got up early every morning and straight out to the centre of Prague. We were pretty close, it would be a nice walk in summer but it was pretty cold when we were there so we got the tram. The situation with the transport really confused us. So, you could buy a return for a euro which is obviously very good, and you could get day/week passes and stuff which worked out really cheap, and you are meant to scan the ticket as you get on the bus. It's all on a trust system though so it's up to you to scan the ticket. There are apparent inspectors that kick about but we only seen one ONCE and we just waited for the next tram so that we didn't have to use our ticket. Therefore you can KIND OF say it's free transport. Kind of. No-one else, including locals, scanned tickets, just a couple of american tourists we noticed. So, it's up to you if you want to risk the fine.



 1) THE CASTLE! Prague's castle grounds are unbelievable. I am still shocked by how beautiful they were, so royal and grand. There's an old beautiful cathedral with a look-out tower, lots of old old buildings that you can adventure through and also museums. You could easily spend the whole day walking about up there. Also the walk up to the castle (which is at a very high point in Prague) is crazy. That's where we found this viewpoint you can sit at. There are loads of cafes and cute shops on the way up and I have to say up here was my favourite part of the city.



This is up past the castle, there are beautiful gardens on the walk up that are beautiful to venture around. The look-out tower plus entry to a mirror maze was maybe like a fiver? Which is pretty good considering the look-out tower in Frankfurt was a fiver by itself. You can see thee most incredible view and this picture does not do it justice at all. Walking up is a little scary, I was gripping on for dear life because it is so bloody high but once you are up there, it's all worth it. 

 3) THE LENNON WALL Now, this is cool. The Lennon wall is a huge graffiti wall with loads of art and quotes and it's really nice to stand and read and just enjoy the art in front of you. There was also a guy playing Beatles songs on his guitar and someone selling Polaroids which was sweet.

 4) National Theatre. It's crazy cheap for tickets, it's super grand and beautiful and the atmosphere is lovely. A lot of the plays have English subtitles,  we saw 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and it was incredible. The costumes, the set, the acting was unreal. We had really good seats and I literally think it was £7 for our tickets. You can get tickets for as cheap as £3.

 5) Charles Bridge. This connects both the old and new town together. There's always live music being played and loads of artists set up along the bridge.

 6) Astronomical Clock Excuse the work that was getting down at the time but even though it is just a clock, it is very beautiful and worth seeing. This is in the main square so you will definitely come across it. 



Right so I cannot remember everywhere for the life of me BUT the places that stood out the most were the following that you should check out before you go :-


1) Anonymous Bar -coolest cocktail bar I have EVER been to.
























2) John Lennon Pub - situated right beside the lennon wall.

 3 )Bakeshop Praha- unreal place for brunch, so many fresh pastries, smoothies, salads, sandwiches.

 4) Terasa U Prince - very fancy roof top bar.

















5) Icebar - Basically just because everyone wants to have gone to an ice bar at some point in their life's and this one was pretty good.

 6) STREEEET FOOD - you have to try a chimney cake (probably the best dessert you will ever ever have) and fried cheese (need I say more?)
































I absolutely loved Prague and I recommend everyone to give it a chance. I will definitely go back, maybe in summer next time to get a different feel for the city. But this is definitely a good one for a winter break. 

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