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March 1, 2018

After an intense 2am conversation about the damage of technology, I have been a bit kind of shaken about just how dependant we are. I feel like I am always aware of how disgustingly addicted I am to my phone but normally I try and ignore it, see everyone else and accept it's normal now. But it should not be normal. We constantly have a screen attached to us, whether that be a laptop or a phone, it is there. I don't go ANYWHERE without my phone, the only time I'll really maybe abandon it in my boyfriend's pocket is when I'm on a night out and that's because the drink is making me not care. My friend said that technology has killed our concentration. We can no longer focus, we can no longer just watch a movie without scrolling on our phone or talk to someone without being very conscious of what is going on on our screens. You know what the majority of us do as soon when we get up? Check our phones, see what everyone is doing, mentally set her self's up for the day looking at pictures of people doing more interesting stuff than ourselves. 

I have been really proud of myself for eating really healthy and going to the gym lots and for some reason I feel like people will not believe me because I do not post a picture in my gym clothes or of my dinner. Like, HOW PATHETIC IS THAT. Genuinely the majority of the time, we are posting snapchat/instagram stories for social approval and to show off. Actually THINK of the content you are posting. Are you sharing art? Knowledge? Inspirational words? Or are you simply showing off a picture of you 1) doing something cool 2)looking good 3) proving you have friends and are popular?


So many people will be completely unaware of all this impact. Some will be happy to continue scrolling throw pictures of people for hours for 'fun', they will continue to believe that life is only being lived there is social media proof. But for those that are subconsciously aware....

Think of the time you are wasting.

I probably spend around an hour and a half on instagram a day. Does that not just disgust  you. Like, what am I even doing in that time. Literally stalking peoples life's?? I don't know, I am so confused as to how I can actually spend the time on it. What if we spent this time reading, creating something, running, socialising. I feel good after these things.

Does anyone actually feel good after spending ages on social media? Anyone feel good? 

Unless I am on facetime to my long distance friends, I feel shitty after scrolling through facebook and instagram. 

I don't actually honestly know where I'm going with this but I know I need to make more of a conscious effort to distance myself from all of this. To reset my priorities, go back to meditating when i wake up, reading when I'm taking study breaks. WHY DID I EVER STOP DRAWING? Why did social media replace hobbies, it is NOT a hobby, it is draining and it is damn fucking bad for the soul. 


We are the generation of social media and technology and no matter how we pretend how happy and enjoyable it can be, it is a lie and you are in denial. How can you explain the insane rise in mental health. 


Use your time properly. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone. Find real enjoyment.   


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