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April 15, 2018

Even though I despise exams, I kinda like something about exam time. I think it's to do with the sense of purpose, the working towards something that matters. I feel motivated and I get to pour my heart and soul into something. It feels good to be working hard. WORKING HARD FEELS GOOD. It makes me feel proud of myself.


I stopped exercising as much as i have been all year, only a two week break, but can I just tell you I am NEVER doing that again. It made me feel so unbelievably crappy, my body felt wrong and tired and I didn't really feel good in anything I wore. Even just twenty minute workouts every day make an absolute difference. For toning up anyway. Obviously this goes hand in hand with what you eat. 


That's another topic, FOOD. I have been eating vegan (except pescatarian sundays) since NY. It was my main new years resolution, I was giving myself Sundays to ease myself in (and also to make life easier for my bf's parents as I go to theirs for dinner on Sundays) HOWEVER I really want to go  completely vegan for many reasons I have come across :

1)Since switching over I have had way better energy levels.

2)My mood has been way happier.

3)I can eat WAY more and I'm still in the best shape I have ever been in (is this magic??)

4)It's made me feel good and proud about myself and I definitely am not eating as much junk (because vegan junk is more expensive and harder to find)

5)I've just felt more motivated in general.

Of course the impact on the environment and animals are pretty good reasons to turn vegan but that doesn't seem to sway a lot of people so there are some reasons to do it where you will actually acknowledge a difference.  (Also there are so many things you would have no idea are vegan- the 18p garlic bread from most supermarkets, chocolate hazelnut pillows from aldi, the cinamon swirl oven pastries from lidl- it's too exciting when you find something new)


This year has probably been the best start I've ever had to a year, usually Jan-March is my worst kind of time but this time it's been good. I've felt good. (Also I discovered my love for flares this year and I feel like this has been a life changing experience)


Hope everyone ace's their exams and hope you are feeling the motivation too.


Lots of love.


(P.S all the food in this pic is vegan and DELICIOUS. If you ever find yourself in Aberdeen, get yourself to 'Bonobo'- amazing all vegan food and a super cute little place.)




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