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good-bye to my teenage years

July 8, 2018




One of my friends kindly told me that when you turn twenty, your skin begins to age and so this is the time to start wearing anti-wrinkle cream. 

So thank-you Sarah, for freaking me the f*** out.


I don't know whether I'm slightly traumatised or excited that my teenage years are over? I didn't really want to leave behind the last thing that holds you to the title of a child HOWEVER I sure as HELL would not do it all again.


It's so strange to look back at thirteen year-old me, trying so hard to fit in and wearing the most HORRENDOUS THINGS and not really knowing music at all. Then to being fourteen and having my first boyfriend and discovering the arctic monkeys and nirvana and the realisation that I wanted to be different, not fit in.


I'm still learning so much about myself, even from first year uni to second year uni, I learned everything that came with renting a flat, I learned that money is much better being spent on experiences and that buying clothes is only ok if I LOVE and NEED them. I learned that I don't need to settle with friends and that I should only surround myself with people I love and inspire me. 

I've learned that taking risks is DEFINITELY worth it and that I don't want to play things safe and settle. 


I am still changing so much, but I want to thank my teenage years for morphing and changing me into who I'm meant to be and taking me closer to where I want to be in life.


And now, for my third decade. I've heard it described as the 'selfish' years. I think this decade will be for a LOT of travelling and building towards success and my dream job, my decade of GRADUATION (hopefully hahah), maybe even of marriage (scary stuff), of first houses and finding out what the hell my purpose is on this earth!! Who knows, maybe I'll finally learn to DRIVE.


People say that the teenage years are the best days of your life but I have to disagree. I think we are only going UP.

old me, trying to figure out 

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