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August 15, 2018



Things I love :- 


- getting up early when everything is still quiet.


- hugging people I love


- being productive, I FUCKING LOVE productivity.


- writing, REALLY writing, getting really INTO my writing.


- languages and the idea that learning a new one can open up a whole new world and new people and new cultures. 


- reading books (even though I don't do it as often as i once did)


- flared everything but especially flared jeans.


- grannies. I really hope that one day I will be as amazing as my granny.


- the fact that I have a lot of big things still to come in my life and that I actually am still very young (even though I always shout about being an old lady now I'm twenty hahah)


- going to the airport 


- when people really open up to you, they trust you with important things in their life and you realise that you now know them.


- how good a person my boyfriend is.


- dogs and coffee and green tea and tartan skirts and johnny depp and mamma mia and sunflowers and disco music and gold hoop earrings and mascara and train journeys and shopping and fashionable people and dancing and university and sushi and spain and my aupair family and MY family.






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