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don't get too swept up.

December 19, 2018

At this time of year, we spend a lot of time running about from shop to shop, spending and spending, trying our best not to forget anyone on our Christmas list. We don't even want to think about how much we've spent in total. I have a terrible habit of never feeling like I'm quite finished shopping, so I just keep picking up more and more, feeling like I've never got enough for people.


When, in reality, I'm probably buying things that people don't really need. 


Whilst walking down Buchanan street, we pass countless homeless people that watch us rattling around bags and bags of luxury gifts while they have to rattle coffee cups to make it through the night. The homeless population is growing and I can't help but feel an overpowering sense of guilt for how much food and drink we will consume over the next two weeks. It's disturbing how immune we've become to the people begging on our streets, forgetting to even acknowledge them when they talk to us.

Try and smile at these people, don't make them feel smaller than they already do. 


The company 'Social Bite' are providing a service where you can donate £5 and homeless people will be able to claim a Christmas dinner in a cafe and make their Christmas a little more special. They'll get to spend their Christmas in the company of others  whilst getting to enjoy food that is actually decent and filling. Trade in the extra pint/cocktail/takeaway or whatever and do something good and genuine for the world -  please.  Don't get too swept up and remember what's important. 


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