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January 1, 2019


2017 was the best year of my life and I acknowledged that, I was proud of it, however I feel like I kind of fell out with life again in 2018 - a lot of bad things happened. As always, we focus on the bad when we reflect and are so quick to forget the good. So here I am, trying to remind myself of the things that made me smile this year.

I started at the bells with some of my favourite people on the planet - one of my favourite nights ever which then led onto (a few days later) my favourite trip ever - Prague. My first ever city break where we seen about a million things a day.

I did a lot of travelling in 2018 - I seen thee beautiful island of Ibiza, I visited my Aupair family in Bilbao, I got to go on a spontaneous trip with my friend Sam and I even visited another friend, Eryn, in Paris! I really am making up for all those years on the ground, but what better way is there to spend money, right?

In April I started the best job I've ever had and met so many lovely people that care about me and are really just a pleasure (and good fun) to work with. And with that, I started wearing the right fitting bra wooo! (I work in Bravissimo, there is a link haha)

I can actually count the amount of panic attacks I've had on ONE hand, which over the course of a year is really pretty good and a big achievement for me. I also FINALLY got my nose pierced which I love and I refrained from getting any more tattoo's (which you'll be glad to hear mum). I passed my second year of University with merit and I got through the first semester of third year without having to do any resits (seriously a Christmas miracle).

I still have fantastic friends in my life, I don't know how I got so lucky with them. I left my teenage years behind and had a really fun birthday night and so many people came to celebrate which was so lovely. 


There's always going to be bad things happening in each and every year, it's just life, it's inevitable. No one is going to have a totally smooth running year because that is literally impossible. It's all to do with our mindset and how we chose to reflect. You can chose to pick and pick at all the bad things that broke you and remember it as the year you lost someone. Realistically, doing that will only drive ourselves mad. So take a minute to smile and think of all the things you achieved and experienced, even if they are little. Maybe you started eating a little healthier, finally read that book, learned to cook pasta, finally stopped caring about what that person thinks about you! Be proud of yourself.

Luck and prosperity for the new year lovelies, embrace it. 










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