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thoughts on living in a new country?

January 14, 2019


It confuses me why so many people are content with living in the same place their whole life. Yea sure, it's a lot of effort to up and move to a whole other country but 100% worth it, no? I don't really want to live my life without living amongst multiple cultures. I think I'm a pretty restless person when it comes to nesting - I absolutely love travelling - I don't if this is because we didn't really go away much in my childhood but now that I can save up and travel by myself, I am a total addict.  After a few months minus travel I start to get an actual itch to just... get away.


My year abroad is this year ( I can't believe how long I've waiting to say that, what the fuck ahhh!) and although I am of course BRICKING it, I am so ready to go. I have lived in Glasgow's surroundings for nearly twenty-one years and I'm pretty ready to change things up a bit.


I always wonder where I'll end up but I think I'd like to grow old in Scotland - I think there's something beautiful about living all over the place in your curious years but ultimately returning back to your roots. I also wonder if some of us were born into the wrong place... I remember talking to my friend (who's sleeping pattern is crazy, like no matter how hard she tries she will always be nocturnal) and we would speculate whether she was meant to belong to a different time zone hahah. 


There's something appealing fresh about moving to a new country by yourself. Couldn't get closer to the definition of a new start. You're forced to adapt to new surroundings, find your way in a new location and MEET NEW PEOPLE. It is so easy to, once you have a solid group of friends, to stop making the effort to meet others. Yet it's so so important because new people bring new thoughts, new outlooks and new facts. Humans inspire each other and I love to be attracted to some new, cool minds. That's how we grow as people right? So imagine placing yourself in a whole new pool of minds that you've never explored before. Exciting? I guess it's a way to build character.


Note to self; if I don't come back 1) super tan 2) fluent and 3) able to move my hips like the Spanish then I have not exceeded my expectations. 








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